Bridgestone Dueler RVT Review

Bridgestone Dueler RVT is an All-Terrain tire designed to fit sport utility vehicles , currently available in 1 tire size, with the lowest price starting from $218.97.

All-terrain tires offer good performance both on and off the road. All-terrain tires are tougher than highway tires at the expense of some ride comfort. All-terrain tires feature multifaceted tread blocks for reliable off-road traction. Branded with the Mud and Snow symbol, all-terrain tires provide all-season versatility, including traction on winter roads.

Buy Bridgestone Dueler RVT Tires at Lowest Prices
Priority Tire from $219.99
Simple Tire from $218.97
Bridgestone Dueler RVT

Bridgestone Dueler RVT tires incorporate some of the most advanced features in modern tires for a smooth, comfortable and confident driving experience. Dueler RVT features noise reduction technology that limits feedback and road noise within the cabin. Specially engineered nylon spiral wrap construction means Dueler tires maintain handling and consistency even at high speeds while advanced construction compounds and innovative tread patterns increase traction even in wet environments.

Bridgestone Dueler RVT Tire Sizes

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Bridgestone Dueler RVT Vehicle Fitment

Below is a list of popular vehicles can be fit with one or more Bridgestone Dueler RVT tire sizes based on OEM fitment.

  • Land Rover LR3