Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 Tires

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Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 tire is available in 87 sizes priced from $118.97.

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Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06

Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 is an Ultra High Performance All-Season tire designed to fit crossovers, high performance cars, minivans, passenger cars, sport utility vehicles and vans.

Available Tire Sizes

195/50R16 84W

from $136.96

205/45R16 83W

from $124.75

205/45R17 88W

from $118.97

205/50R16 87W

from $119.48

205/50R17 93W

from $151.96

205/55R16 91W

from $128.96

215/40R18 89Y

from $154.51

215/45R17 91W

from $126.97

215/50R17 95W

from $128.70

215/55R16 93W

from $131.80

215/55R17 94W

from $156.96

225/40R18 92Y

from $175.96

225/40R19 93Y

from $210.99

225/45R17 91W

from $137.96

225/45R18 91Y

from $167.96

225/45R19 92W

from $276.96

225/50R16 92W

from $128.98

225/50R17 94W

from $182.97

225/50R18 95W

from $169.96

225/55R16 95W

from $138.96

235/35R19 91Y

from $234.96

235/40R18 95Y

from $163.97

235/45R17 94W

from $164.96

235/45R18 98Y

from $215.97

235/50R17 96W

from $164.96

235/50R18 97W

from $198.97

235/55R17 99W

from $153.97

235/55R18 100W

from $180.97

235/55R19 105W

from $216.96

235/60R18 107W

from $167.71

245/35R20 95Y

from $217.60

245/40R17 91W

from $145.23

245/40R18 97Y

from $253.96

245/40R19 98Y

from $227.96

245/40R20 99Y

from $281.96

245/45R17 99Y

from $164.98

245/45R19 98Y

from $212.96

245/45R20 103Y

from $191.50

245/50R17 99W

from $167.01

245/50R18 100W

from $198.97

245/50R19 105Y

from $195.97

245/55R18 103W

from $202.99

255/30R22 95Y

from $243.96

255/35R18 94Y

from $200.47

255/35R19 96Y

from $262.96

255/35R20 97W

from $199.97

255/40R17 94W

from $148.96

255/40R18 99Y

from $202.96

255/40R19 100Y

from $271.96

255/45R17 98W

from $171.97

255/45R18 103Y

from $173.96

255/45R19 104W

from $270.97

255/45R20 105Y

from $199.97

255/50R19 107W

from $221.25

255/50R20 109Y

from $273.97

255/55R18 109W

from $215.06

265/30R19 93Y

from $244.98

265/30R22 97Y

from $258.63

265/35R18 97Y

from $219.96

265/35R19 98Y

from $237.98

265/35R20 99Y

from $358.96

265/35R22 102W

from $213.63

265/40R18 101Y

from $186.82

265/40R22 106W

from $273.97

265/45R20 104Y

from $298.97

275/30R19 96Y

from $227.57

275/30R20 97Y

from $220.99

275/35R19 100Y

from $224.98

275/35R20 102Y

from $231.96

275/40R18 99Y

from $222.96

275/40R20 106Y

from $238.96

275/40R22 108W

from $318.96

275/45R19 108W

from $268.96

275/45R20 110W

from $265.96

285/30R19 98Y

from $241.03

285/30R20 99W

from $230.19

285/30R22 101Y

from $255.97

285/35R18 101Y

from $258.96

285/35R19 99Y

from $294.96

285/35R22 106W

from $277.97

295/25R22 97Y

from $318.95

295/35R18 99Y

from $251.91

295/35R21 107Y

from $331.96

295/40R20 110W

from $326.92

295/40R21 111Y

from $293.65

295/45R20 114W

from $330.99

315/35R20 110Y

from $286.99

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Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 Tire Review

Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 is designed to satisfy year-round driving needs, ExtremeContact DWS 06 tires blend dry and wet road performance with wintertime slush and snow traction. Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06ExtremeContact DWS 06 tires feature Continental''s SPORTPLUS+ Technology, which combines enhanced handling, wet traction and wear. An advanced silica-enhanced all-season tread compound featuring +Saline additives increase wet grip and extend treadlife. This compound is molded into a unique asymmetrical tread design featuring Continental''s Chamfered Edges that help deliver maximum tread contact in dry conditions while Traction Grooves (ridges in the bottom of the tread grooves) enhance three-dimensional snow traction. Outboard shoulder macro blocks enhance responsiveness and cornering stability. Central independent blocks with x-sipes, separated by high-angle, criss-cross grooves provide the biting edges necessary to promote all-direction traction on wet roads and in light snow. Independent inboard shoulder blocks help disperse water to further hydroplaning resistance and foul-weather traction. ExtremeContact DWS 06 tires feature QuickView indicators to help identify vehicle misalignment concerns early in the tire''s life before wear patterns form, as well as confirm suitability for different driving conditions through Tuned Performance Indicators. Tuned Performance Indicators are visible letters molded into the second rib from the outboard shoulder to alert drivers of the tire''s performance levels. A visible "DWS" indicates the tire has appropriate tread depth for dry conditions, as well as wet roads and snow. After the "S" has worn away, the remaining "DW" indicates the tire only has appropriate tread depth for dry and most wet road conditions. And after the "W" and "S" have both worn away, the remaining "D" indicates the tire has appropriate tread depth for dry conditions only. The tire''s internal structure features twin steel belts reinforced with spirally wound jointless nylon cap plies to provide long-term integrity under high-speed conditions while reducing weight and helping to provide more uniform ride quality.

Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 Tire Fitment

Vehicles that can be fit with Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 tires based on available Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 tire sizes.

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