Firestone Destination X/T Tires

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Firestone Destination X/T tire is available in 32 sizes priced from $156.99.

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Firestone Destination X/T

Firestone Destination X/T is an All-Terrain tire designed to fit crossovers, pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles and vans.

Available Tire Sizes

215/85R16 115/112S

from $188.99

225/75R16 115S

from $198.99

235/80R17 120/117S

from $195.99

235/85R16 120/116S

from $192.99

245/70R17 119/116S

from $183.99

245/75R16 120S

from $184.99

245/75R17 121/118S

from $205.99

255/75R17 111T

from $238.99

265/60R20 121S

from $276.53

265/70R17 121S

from $211.99

265/70R18 124/121S

from $254.99

265/75R16 123S

from $197.99

275/55R20 120/117R

from $239.99

275/60R20 123/120R

from $278.99

275/65R18 123S

from $251.99

275/65R20 126S

from $284.99

275/70R17 121/118R

from $225.99

275/70R18 125S

from $249.99

285/55R20 122/119R

from $321.99

285/60R20 125/122S

from $368.99

285/65R18 125/122R

from $290.99

285/65R20 127/124S

from $345.99

285/70R17 121S

from $260.99

285/75R16 126R

from $240.99

295/60R20 126S

from $384.99

305/55R20 121/118R

from $338.00

30x9.50R15 104R

from $156.99

315/70R17 121R

from $296.99

31x10.50R15 109R

from $175.99

33x12.50R15 108R

from $218.89

35x12.50R18 123R

from $326.79

35x12.50R20 121R

from $343.99

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Firestone Destination X/T Tire Review

Firestone Destination X/T is designed to combine on-road civility, off-road capability and confident light snow traction. Destination X/T is severe snow service rated and is branded with the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol. A specially formulated rubber compound is molded into the Destination X/T's aggressive, symmetric pattern. Firestone's TractionTech Package features full-depth features and interlocking sipes that maintain stiffness in the independent tread blocks for stability and longevity, in addition to providing consistent traction throughout the tire's life. Deep tread depths, a high void ratio and open shoulders help evacuate water from the contact patch to enhance hydroplaning resistance, while also delivering confident off-road traction. The aggressive off-shoulder tread design creates the biting edges needed to find any available grip in loose and varied terrain. High lateral edge density in the pattern and the interlocking lug design provide snow traction, and block wall ridges in the outboard grooves grab onto snow, further enhancing grip. Internal construction of the Destination X/T utilizes a two-ply, polyester cord casing supporting two high-tensile steel belts. A nylon reinforcement ply aids durability and provides higher speed capability.

Firestone Destination X/T Tire Fitment

Vehicles that can be fit with Firestone Destination X/T tires based on available Firestone Destination X/T tire sizes.

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