GT Radial Maxmiler ST Review

GT Radial Maxmiler ST is a Trailer tire , currently available in 6 tire sizes, with the lowest price starting from $85.99.

Special trailer service tires are built for use on trailer applications to haul heavy loads like boats, cargo and RVs. Trailer tires are designed for stability, durability, and payload, featuring heavy-duty constructions and stiffer sidewalls to accommodate higher inflation pressure and load capacity necessary to help control sway for enhanced towing stability. Trailer tires have enhanced bruise resistance and durability than passenger tires. These tires are not meant for use on cars or trucks.

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GT Radial Maxmiler ST

GT Radial Maxmiler ST is specifically made for trailer applications. It features sturdy sidewall construction to help reduce trailer sway and enhance load carrying capacity for stable and reliable towing. The robust full width tread design increases contact with the road for better braking performance. Dual steel belts in the tread also enhance handling, stability and puncture resistance. Improved road contact, strong grip and better braking performance. Enhanced handling, stability and puncture resistance. Increased traction and stability. Greater durability and reduced trailer sway. Increased strength and treadwear.

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