Kumho Road Venture MT71 Tires

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Kumho Road Venture MT71 tire is available in 31 sizes priced from $188.00.

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Kumho Road Venture MT71

Kumho Road Venture MT71 is a Mud-Terrain tire designed to fit pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles.

Available Tire Sizes

235/85R16 120Q

from $190.00

255/75R17 111Q

from $232.00

265/70R17 121Q

from $227.00

265/75R16 123Q

from $223.00

275/65R18 123Q

from $321.00

275/65R20 126Q

from $316.00

275/70R18 125Q

from $284.00

285/55R20 122/119Q

from $325.00

285/70R17 121Q

from $265.00

285/75R16 126Q

from $243.00

295/55R20 123Q

from $319.00

295/70R17 121Q

from $291.00

295/70R18 129Q

from $293.00

305/55R20 125Q

from $362.00

315/70R17 121/118Q

from $319.00

315/75R16 127Q

from $281.00

31x10.50R15 109Q

from $188.00

33x12.50R15 108Q

from $220.00

33x12.50R17 120Q

from $302.00

33x12.50R18 122Q

from $283.00

33x12.50R20 119Q

from $315.99

33x12.50R22 109Q

from $387.00

35x12.50R15 113Q

from $240.00

35x12.50R17 121Q

from $327.00

35x12.50R18 128Q

from $341.00

35x12.50R20 125Q

from $359.99

35x12.50R22 117Q

from $423.00

37x12.50R17 121Q

from $376.00

37x12.50R20 126Q

from $395.00

37x13.50R20 127Q

from $430.00

37x13.50R22 123Q

from $466.00

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Kumho Road Venture MT71 Tire Review

Kumho Road Venture MT71 is built to conquer tough off-road conditions while retaining on-road competence and highway stability. Kumho utilizes an advanced Tri-Blended tread compound optimized for durability and long tread life while providing enhanced grip on pavement and in loose terrain conditions. The proprietary polymer mix is engineered to endure the severe conditions encountered while hauling heavy payloads and provide cut-and-chip resistance in extreme off-road landscapes. The high-void, zig-zag dual-pitch tread design helps ensure maximum loose surface traction and employs mud and stone ejectors molded in between blocks that help prevent damage from stone drilling and aid self-cleaning of packed debris. The tire's aggressive shoulder and sidewall design features robust biting edges that help provide powerful off-axis traction and increased sidewall protection. Stiffened tread elements continue to enhance off-road performance while also retaining a consistent contact patch for predictable handling on-road. The Road Venture MT71's traction capabilities are further complemented by a rugged construction utilizing three plies of high-strength polyester and two Super-Tensile steel belts derived from commercial tire applications. Two high-denier nylon protection plies in the cap and bead area reinforce integral areas of the tire while helping provide structural integrity.

Kumho Road Venture MT71 Tire Fitment

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