Kumho Spare T131 Tires

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Kumho Spare T131 tire is available in 4 sizes priced from $89.97.

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TireRack from $116.21
Priority Tire from $115.99
Simple Tire from $89.97
Kumho Spare T131

Kumho Spare T131 is a Spare tire.

Available Tire Sizes

135/70R19 105M

from $127.96

135/80D17 103M

from $110.97

145/90D16 106M

from $89.97

155/90D17 101M

from $97.97

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Temporary spare tires are light-duty, special purpose tires that come in full-size, compact or folding designs.

Kumho Spare T121
(4.4 out of 54.4) from $56.97
Bridgestone Tracompa-2
(4.4 out of 54.4) from $105.97
Falken FK-090
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Kumho Spare T131 Tire Review

Kumho Spare T131 tire was developed for Original Equipment applications that allow vehicle manufacturers to increase available trunk space and reduce overall vehicle weight compared to using full-size spare tires and wheels. In the event of a flat tire due to a puncture, cut, road hazard, accident or blowout, T131 spare tires are designed to help drivers regain temporary mobility. Like all temporary / compact spare tires, Kumho Spare T131 tires are designed for temporary use only. They feature smaller physical sizes, narrower treads, shallower tread depths and lighter-weight constructions than the tires with which the vehicle is normally equipped.

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