Maxxis MA-202 Tires

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Maxxis MA-202 tire is available in 25 sizes priced from $55.97.

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Priority Tire from $57.99
Simple Tire from $55.97
Maxxis MA-202

Maxxis MA-202 is a Touring All-Season tire designed to fit crossovers, minivans, passenger cars, sport utility vehicles and vans.

Available Tire Sizes

155/80R13 79T

from $59.99

175/65R14 82T

from $60.97

175/70R13 88T

from $55.97

175/70R14 84T

from $69.98

185/60R14 82H

from $59.99

185/60R15 84H

from $64.99

185/65R14 86H

from $58.97

185/65R15 88H

from $67.97

185/70R13 86T

from $58.96

185/70R14 88T

from $62.97

195/60R14 86H

from $62.97

195/60R15 88H

from $65.97

195/65R14 89H

from $67.97

195/65R15 91H

from $68.97

195/70R14 91T

from $68.97

205/55R16 90H

from $76.96

205/60R15 91T

from $72.97

205/65R15 94T

from $73.97

205/70R14 95T

from $75.99

215/55R16 93H

from $83.99

215/60R15 94T

from $77.97

215/60R16 95T

from $81.96

215/65R15 96H

from $78.97

215/65R16 98T

from $82.96

225/60R16 98T

from $83.96

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Maxxis MA-202 Tire Review

Get the ultra-smooth ride and sure-footed driving confidence you need from the Maxxis MA-202 tires that meet high standards for quality at a value price. Providing excellent high-speed handling, with a jointless spiral-wrapped full nylon cap for optimum stability, the MA-202 also features independent tread blocks for the grip you want on wet roads. Double-steel belted for extra durability, outstanding traction and long trouble-free mileage.

Maxxis MA-202 Tire Fitment

Vehicles that can be fit with Maxxis MA-202 tires based on available Maxxis MA-202 tire sizes.

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