Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tires

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Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tire is available in 71 sizes priced from $198.99.

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Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S is an Ultra High Performance Summer tire designed to fit crossovers, high performance cars, passenger cars and sport utility vehicles.

Available Tire Sizes

215/35R18 84Y

from $214.99

215/45R17 91Y

from $212.03

225/35R19 88Y

from $270.14

225/35R20 90Y

from $310.08

225/40R18 92Y

from $221.99

225/40R19 93Y

from $279.99

225/45R17 94Y

from $218.00

225/45R19 96Y

from $297.15

225/50R17 98Y

from $198.99

235/35R19 91Y

from $284.99

235/35R20 92Y

from $394.99

235/40R18 95Y

from $227.00

235/40R19 96Y

from $316.99

235/45R17 97Y

from $230.00

235/45R18 98Y

from $250.99

235/45R20 100Y

from $356.00

245/30R19 89Y

from $322.08

245/30R20 90Y

from $358.99

245/35R19 93Y

from $292.99

245/35R20 95Y

from $363.99

245/35R21 96Y

from $423.99

245/40R18 97Y

from $230.00

245/40R19 94Y

from $354.99

245/45R20 103Y

from $327.23

255/30R19 91Y

from $304.00

255/35R18 94Y

from $270.00

255/35R19 96Y

from $285.99

255/35R20 97Y

from $310.99

255/40R19 100Y

from $310.31

255/40R20 101Y

from $330.00

255/45R18 103Y

from $250.99

265/30R20 94Y

from $388.99

265/35R19 98Y

from $355.00

265/35R20 99Y

from $405.00

265/35R21 101Y

from $494.99

265/35R22 102Y

from $495.99

265/40R19 102Y

from $365.26

265/40R20 104Y

from $393.32

265/40R21 105Y

from $400.84

265/40R22 106Y

from $350.99

275/30R20 97Y

from $419.27

275/30R21 98Y

from $432.31

275/35R18 99Y

from $305.23

275/35R20 102Y

from $393.35

275/40R19 105Y

from $370.99

275/40R20 106Y

from $364.35

275/40R22 108Y

from $435.91

285/25R22 95Y

from $538.32

285/30R21 100Y

from $433.99

285/35R18 101Y

from $343.23

285/35R19 103Y

from $376.00

285/35R20 104Y

from $420.00

285/35R22 106Y

from $509.95

285/40R18 105Y

from $370.99

295/25R21 96Y

from $467.00

295/25R22 97Y

from $437.00

295/30R19 100Y

from $364.00

295/30R20 101Y

from $402.00

295/35R19 104Y

from $413.99

295/35R21 107Y

from $450.95

305/25R20 97Y

from $507.99

305/30R19 102Y

from $394.00

305/30R20 103Y

from $514.77

315/30R20 104Y

from $479.89

315/30R21 105Y

from $604.99

315/30R22 107Y

from $648.99

325/25R20 101Y

from $469.77

325/25R21 102Y

from $507.99

325/30R19 105Y

from $446.89

325/30R21 108Y

from $528.99

325/35R23 115Y

from $573.99

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Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tire Review

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tire was developed in cooperation with some of the most demanding vehicle manufacturers, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche to utilize key technologies engineered during competition in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. It was designed for serious drivers looking to maximize the performance potential of their sports cars, performance sedans and powerful luxury vehicles. The Pilot Sport 4S excels in warm dry and wet conditions, so like all Max Performance Summer tires, is not intended to be serviced, stored nor driven in near and below-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice. Select sizes of the Pilot Sport 4S are available with Michelin's Premium Touch sidewall treatment. This velvet-effect checkered sidewall is created using cutting-edge laser technology and is designed to enhance the vehicle's visual presence. The asymmetric tread pattern of the Pilot Sport 4S features side-by-side, 24 Hours of Le Mans-derived compounds. The low-void outer shoulder utilizes a new dry-focused hybrid tread rubber for improved dry handling and braking over the previous generation tire, while the center ribs and inboard shoulder feature a silica-infused wet compound designed to increase wet braking performance. The computer-modeled Variable Contact Patch 3.0 optimizes pressure distribution across the contact patch through turns, reducing hot spots and improving tire life during aggressive use. Internal construction of the Pilot Sport 4S features twin steel belts reinforced by a spirally wound hybrid reinforcement. This hybrid Aramid and nylon belt offers a lightweight, high-strength reinforcement above the steel belts to enhance high-speed handling, wear and durability. Specifically tuning the application of the cord filament provides Michelin engineers the ability to balance tension and strength, and a single-ply, polyester cord casing balances trade-offs between ride quality and responsive handling. Limited sizes of the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S are available with Michelin Acoustic Technology, which involves the manufacturer adhering a layer of sound-absorbing foam to the inner liner of the tire to reduce cabin noise in the vehicle. These sizes are identified on the Specs page and in the search results.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tire Fitment

Vehicles that can be fit with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires based on available Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tire sizes.

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