Nexen Classe Premiere CP691 Review

Nexen Classe Premiere CP691 is a High Performance Summer tire

High performance summer tires offer a perfect blend of good handling, dry and wet traction and decent tread wear. Not intended to be driven in snow or on ice, these tires are built to balance responsive handling and sharp steering response in both wet and dry conditions.

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Nexen Classe Premiere CP691

Nexen Classe Premiere CP691 offers a smooth and quiet driving experience to the passengers of the vehicle. The rapid angle round grooves in the tread pattern lower the road noise heard in the cabin and make the drive enjoyable and quiet. The tire provides an accurate steering responsiveness thanks to the maximized road surface contact area. This makes the tire easier to control and handle while also allowing the driver to respond quickly to the road conditions due to the excellent road feebback. The remarkable dry and wet traction and road grip the tire has and its lateral grooves in the tread pattern design allow its braking to be more powerful. The result is a shorter braking distance, which makes it safer to use. The tread pattern's center rib block promotes higher levels of stability to the tire during acceleration, which increases the high speed performance. The Classe Premiere CP691 has superb summer weather traction. In other words, the tire's compound and tread pattern design provide great dry and wet weather traction, but it will not perform well and is not suited for lower winter weather temperatures. The model is safer to use in rainy weather, as the circumferential tread grooves channel water from below the footprint, actively resisting hydroplaning.

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