Nexen Roadian HP Tires

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Nexen Roadian HP tire is available in 19 sizes priced from $166.99.

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Priority Tire from $166.99
Simple Tire from $167.96
Available Tire Sizes

255/30R22 95V

from $166.99

255/50R20 109V

from $190.99

255/60R17 106V

from $171.99

265/35R22 102V

from $167.99

265/50R20 111V

from $194.99

265/60R17 108V

from $174.99

265/60R18 110H

from $169.99

275/40R20 106V

from $173.99

275/45R20 110V

from $169.99

275/55R20 117V

from $180.99

285/35R22 106V

from $223.99

285/45R19 111V

from $167.96

285/45R22 114V

from $221.99

285/50R20 116V

from $178.99

285/60R18 116V

from $199.99

295/35R24 110V

from $295.99

305/35R24 112V

from $248.99

305/40R22 114V

from $198.99

305/45R22 118V

from $196.99

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Nexen Roadian HP Tire Review

Nexen Roadian HP is the right choice if you are looking for enhanced high performance grip on any road surface. Its large shoulder block maximizes cornering grip and stability, while the arrow-type center rib improves handling. Pattern noise is reduced by a 5 random pitch variation. When wet conditions hit, wide deep grooves provide excellent drainage, braking and anti-hydroplaning.

Nexen Roadian HP Tire Fitment

Vehicles that can be fit with Nexen Roadian HP tires based on available Nexen Roadian HP tire sizes.

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