Nitto Invo Tires

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Nitto Invo tire is available in 19 sizes priced from $156.00.

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Discount Tire from $198.00
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Simple Tire from $156.00
Available Tire Sizes

225/45R17 91W

from $156.00

235/35R19 91W

from $226.00

245/35R20 95W

from $202.00

245/35R21 96W

from $410.99

245/45R20 99W

from $230.00

255/30R20 92Y

from $251.00

255/35R18 94W

from $226.00

255/35R19 96Y

from $246.00

255/35R20 97W

from $198.00

255/35R22 99W

from $309.00

275/30R20 97W

from $284.00

275/35R18 99W

from $249.00

275/40R20 106W

from $273.00

285/25R20 93Y

from $346.99

285/30R19 98W

from $293.00

285/35R19 99W

from $319.00

295/35R18 99W

from $298.00

305/30R19 102Y

from $345.00

345/30R19 105Y

from $416.00

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Nitto Invo Tire Review

Nitto Invo tire provides a blend of performance, ride comfort and quality. The Invo tire line-up was specifically developed for staggered sized applications commonly found on luxury and high-performance vehicles. State-of-the-art computer engineering and specialized digital testing equipment were used to produce a tire that reduces perceived road noise, and provides a comfortable ride, so you can hear what really matters - conversations, music, or the exhaust note of your car. 3D Multiwave sipes feature an interlocking ripple design, which allows the sipes to “lock” together while braking to act like a continuous tread block and provides traction while accelerating. Silica-reinforced tread compound strengthens blocks to reduce tread flex for improved acceleration, handling and braking. The outer shoulder is made of large reinforced tread blocks, which increase the amount of surface area contacting the road. This assists with dry performance and cornering. The solid center rib provides continuous contact with the road to increase the tire's rigidity and stability. This rigid design helps keep you connected to the road during hard braking and acceleration. The inner shoulder increases the contact patch for better braking performance and stability. Tire noise is amplified when vibrations of the same frequency are repeated, magnifying their intensity. Nitto broke up these repetitive noises through calculated variations in the size and position of repeating tread blocks, creating offset frequencies that reduce tire noise. Twin circumferential grooves effectively channel away water for outstanding wet performance.

Nitto Invo Tire Fitment

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