Nitto NT01 Tires

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Nitto NT01 tire is available in 11 sizes priced from $168.00.

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Nitto NT01

Nitto NT01 is a Track and Competition tire designed to fit high performance cars and passenger cars.

Available Tire Sizes

205/50R15 86V

from $183.00

205/55R14 85V

from $168.00

225/45R15 87W

from $197.00

235/40R17 90W

from $228.00

235/40R18 91W

from $281.00

245/40R18 93W

from $304.00

255/40R17 94W

from $239.00

275/35R18 95W

from $309.00

275/40R17 98W

from $268.00

305/35R18 101W

from $393.00

315/30R18 98W

from $409.00

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Nitto NT01 Tire Review

Nitto NT01 is a D.O.T.-compliant competition tire designed with the weekend road racer in mind. The compound was developed to provide the best balance of traction, consistency, heat cycle performance and longevity. Nitto NT01 delivers fast and consistent lap times for both the professional road-racer and the track-day enthusiast. When you're at the track, you want a tire that handles predictably and consistently. Nitto's engineers identified a combination of construction and compound features that reduces the negative effects of heat buildup. The high modulus rayon carcass, steel-reinforced sidewall and body-ply construction together give you the drive feel and confidence to push the tire to its limits. Nitto NT01 offers varying degrees of competition performance. The tire is molded at 6.3/32nds of an inch with large continuous tread blocks and sweeping lateral grooves. This set up can be easily shaved down to 3/32nds of an inch tread depth to function as a race slick with twin circumferential grooves. The construction design is enhanced for consistency and stability under racing conditions. The large shoulder blocks maximize the surface area contacting the road. This large contact patch increases dry performance while accelerating, braking and cornering. High modulus rayon carcass, reinforced sidewall and the advanced body construction combine to increase stability during braking, cornering and straight-aways. The road race compound balances dry traction, consistency, heat cycle performance, heat resistance and longevity to provide fast and consistent lap times throughout the life of the tire.

Nitto NT01 Tire Fitment

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