Nitto NT420S Review

Nitto NT420S is an Ultra High Performance All-Season tire

Ultra high performance all-season tires provide very good performance on dry and wet roads, as well as adequate winter traction. With a sporty and low profile look, ultra high performance all-season tires offer fairly decent tread life and ride comfort. Branded with the Mud and Snow symbol, these tires are designed to provide year-round traction with tread compounds that remain flexible in cold weather to combine all-season traction with responsive handling and high-speed capabilities.

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Nitto NT420S

Nitto NT420S features a non-directional, asymmetrical pattern that provides confident performance, rain or shine. The outer shoulder has large, continuous blocks to improve dry traction, while the inner shoulder channels away water for wet performance. The NT420S can be cross-rotated so it wears more evenly across the tire. This feature ensures a quieter, more comfortable ride along with longer tread life. The result is a comfortable, ultra high performance radial. The tread compound utilizes silica, which reinforces the tread blocks to help prevent tread flex. The siping on the inner shoulder blocks cuts through pockets of water on road surfaces, enhancing wet traction. This will help you connect to the road, improving wet handling and braking. Slanted three-dimensional tread blocks reduce flex for improved handling. The asymmetrical, non-directional tread pattern allows for cross-rotation to reduce irregular wear. Siping across the tread pattern provides additional biting edges to help maintain traction in wet weather conditions. Center tread pattern effectively channels water for better wet weather performance.

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