Nokian WR G4 Tires

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Nokian WR G4 tire is available in 40 sizes priced from $83.99.

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Priority Tire from $83.99
Simple Tire from $94.99
Available Tire Sizes

175/65R15 84H

from $89.99

185/55R15 82H

from $110.99

185/60R15 84H

from $102.99

185/65R14 86H

from $83.99

185/65R15 88H

from $92.99

195/55R16 87V

from $117.99

195/60R15 88H

from $104.99

195/65R15 91H

from $98.99

205/50R17 93V

from $133.99

205/55R16 91V

from $119.99

205/60R15 91H

from $110.99

205/60R16 92V

from $114.99

205/65R15 94H

from $98.99

205/65R16 95H

from $112.99

215/45R17 91V

from $132.99

215/50R17 95V

from $146.99

215/55R16 97H

from $129.99

215/55R17 94V

from $129.64

215/60R16 95H

from $117.99

215/65R17 103H

from $134.99

225/40R18 92V

from $151.99

225/45R17 94V

from $139.99

225/45R18 95V

from $152.99

225/50R17 98V

from $142.99

225/55R17 101V

from $162.99

225/60R16 98V

from $117.99

225/60R18 100W

from $185.99

235/40R18 95V

from $169.99

235/45R17 97V

from $152.99

235/45R18 98V

from $164.68

235/50R18 101V

from $168.99

235/55R17 99V

from $143.99

235/60R16 100H

from $126.99

245/40R18 97V

from $182.99

245/45R17 99V

from $184.99

245/45R18 100V

from $184.99

245/45R19 102V

from $212.99

245/55R18 103W

from $187.99

255/35R19 96V

from $284.99

255/40R19 100V

from $242.99

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Nokian WR G4 Tire Review

The versatile Nokian WR G4 optimally combines high-performance, all-season handling and reliable winter grip to make it a true all-weather tire. Nokian fourth generation all-weather tire builds on the uncompromising performance of its predecessors with new innovations ensuring performance in snow storms, heavy rain or sun-scorched asphalt you can forget the forecast regardless of the season. Nokian WR G4 is designed to offer you a comfortable ride and long-lasting tread life, but most of all safety in every season. The inner shoulder fan-like rib pattern with functional tread blocks and Blade Grooves efficiently routes rain, snow and slush away from the contact surface. The sipes staggered at different angles provide effective longitudinal grip and acceleration grip on snow and the wide longitudinal grooves offer lateral grip. The winter grip is further improved by the block pattern that is shaped on the inner shoulder side of the center rib. It is partially equipped with hinges and sipes and the small, heavily siped tread blocks are grooved so that every other sipe is attached on the left and every other on the right. The curved, ramp-like design of the tread blocks on the inner shoulder guides and accelerates the flow of water from the longitudinal grooves into the transverse grooves. The excellent slushplaning prevention properties are retained even as the tire wears down. With a new All Weather Dual Performance Compound, the Nokian WR G4 features longer lasting tread life and draws inspiration from nature with its Centipede Siping - jagged 3D sipes on the center rib that resemble the legs of a centipede - which grip the surface to maximize biting edges while maintaining stable handling. The center area is dominated by a sturdy longitudinal rib consisting of tread blocks with jagged sipes that resemble the footprints of a centipede. The staggered 3-dimensional Centipede Siping offers maximum contact surface and works with full effect at different turning angles, increasing grip on snow and slush and improving control.

Nokian WR G4 Tire Fitment

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