Nokian zLine A/S Tires

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Nokian zLine A/S tire is available in 38 sizes priced from $79.99.

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Priority Tire from $79.99
Simple Tire from $98.95
Available Tire Sizes

205/45R17 88W

from $93.99

205/50R17 93W

from $116.30

205/55R16 91W

from $79.99

215/45R17 91W

from $123.99

215/45R18 93W

from $114.99

215/50R17 95W

from $115.99

225/40R18 92W

from $106.68

225/40R19 93W

from $126.99

225/45R17 94W

from $94.99

225/45R18 95W

from $112.99

225/45R19 96W

from $162.99

225/50R17 98W

from $122.99

225/50R18 99W

from $107.99

225/55R16 99W

from $98.95

225/55R17 101W

from $109.99

235/35R19 91W

from $170.99

235/40R18 95W

from $145.99

235/40R19 96W

from $175.99

235/45R17 97W

from $111.99

235/45R18 98W

from $119.99

235/50R18 101W

from $126.99

235/55R17 103W

from $125.99

245/40R17 91W

from $132.99

245/40R18 97W

from $134.99

245/40R19 98W

from $144.99

245/45R17 99W

from $135.99

245/45R18 100W

from $135.99

245/45R19 102W

from $151.99

245/50R18 100Y

from $167.99

255/35R18 94W

from $174.99

255/35R19 96W

from $159.99

255/35R20 97W

from $149.99

255/40R18 99W

from $141.99

255/40R19 100W

from $163.99

255/45R18 103Y

from $129.99

255/45R19 104W

from $183.99

275/35R19 100W

from $165.99

275/40R19 105W

from $191.99

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Nokian zLine A/S Tire Review

Precise handling capabilities and technology advances ensure the Nokian zLine A/S will get you where you want to go, as quickly as you want to get there. Tread compound matched for demanding use and higher speeds. The new rubber compound improves wet grip and saves fuel. The functional full silica compound adapts to changes in temperature, resulting in excellent wet grip on every day of the year. Good wear resistance. Silent Groove Design is an innovation on the walls of the tire's longitudinal ribs that improves driving comfort. The hemispherical indentations that resemble the surface of a golf ball control the air flow of the tire. The indentations cut out any sounds induced by the edges of the transverse grooves and prevent any unpleasant howling sounds. The design reduces noise levels both inside and outside the vehicle, which makes driving pleasantly quiet. Silent Groove Design reduces air resistance, which cools the surface of the tire. This improves the wear resistance of the tire and provides the driver with more kilometers. The stiff outside shoulder stabilizes the handling of the rigid tread pattern. The contoured groove corners provide additional support during cornering and lane changes, which allows the tire to maintain a balanced and logical road contact at all times. The 3D siping actively binds the tread blocks together, improving the handling of this high-performance tire. The Comfort Base Compound below the tread surface also softens the impacts during driving, making the tire light and comfortable to drive. The diagonal sipes on the shoulder area tread blocks, known as Cooling Edge technology, provide better cooling to the hottest part of the tire, improving both handling and durability. The rubber compound presses flexibly against the wheel flange, providing the bead area with more durability. The innovation also successfully minimizes interior rolling noise.

Nokian zLine A/S Tire Fitment

Vehicles that can be fit with Nokian zLine A/S tires based on available Nokian zLine A/S tire sizes.

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