Pirelli P Zero Corsa (PZC4) Tires

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Pirelli P Zero Corsa (PZC4) tire is available in 3 sizes priced from $430.86.

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TireRack from $430.86
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Pirelli P Zero Corsa (PZC4)

Pirelli P Zero Corsa (PZC4) is a Track and Competition tire designed to fit high performance cars, passenger cars and sport utility vehicles.

Available Tire Sizes

225/35R19 88Y

from $494.46

265/40R19 98Y

from $430.86

325/35R22 114Y

from $912.06

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Pirelli P Zero Corsa (PZC4) Tire Review

Pirelli P Zero Corsa (PZC4) tire was developed using knowledge gained from years of Formula 1 racing experience and designed for some of the highest performing vehicles on the road. Introduced as Original Equipment on the Ferrari F12tdf and McLaren 570GT and 570S, the P Zero Corsa (PZC4) is for drivers looking for on-track capability plus the ability to drive to and from the track. Like all summer tires, it is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice. P Zero Corsa (PZC4) tires mold two motorsport-derived, high carbon black tread compounds side-by-side into a low-void, asymmetric design. The compound utilized in the outer shoulder focuses on maximum performance and helps to improve wear and remain consistent in the high temperature, high stress environment encountered during aggressive use, while the inner shoulder compound is designed to provide high speed grip. The asymmetric tread pattern prioritizes ultimate dry performance, with large outboard tread blocks and a nearly solid center rib to deliver responsive handling, impressive lateral acceleration and traction at high speeds. The continuous inner rib and high-stiffness inboard shoulder design provide quick steering response and a sporty look. Three wide, circumferential grooves aid in hydroplaning resistance, but with tread depths starting at 8/32" or less and a dry-focused tread pattern, high-speed driving where standing water is present increases the risk of hydroplaning. Drivers should reduce speed and drive cautiously if they encounter these conditions. The internal construction features a Formula 1-style, high strength, high-stiffness bead with an elastic property that allows it to give without breaking for responsive handling, durability and uniform ride quality. The body casing is two-ply rayon, with two high-tensile steel belts and a hybrid nylon and Kevlar ZeroDegree cap ply (two ply in select sizes) reinforcement supporting the tread, providing high-speed stability and handling response and increased durability. Limited sizes of the P Zero Corsa (PZC4) are available with Pirelli Noise Cancelling System, which involves the manufacturer adhering a layer of sound-absorbing foam to the inner liner of the tire to reduce cabin noise in the vehicle.

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