Pirelli P Zero Nero GT Tires

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Pirelli P Zero Nero GT tire is available in 25 sizes priced from $139.96.

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TireRack from $149.35
Discount Tire from $174.31
Priority Tire from $154.99
Simple Tire from $139.96
Available Tire Sizes

225/35R18 87Y

from $174.97

225/45R17 94Y

from $152.50

225/45R18 95Y

from $176.32

225/55R17 101W

from $148.96

235/30R20 88Y

from $139.96

235/35R19 91Y

from $207.19

235/40R18 95Y

from $167.97

235/40R19 96Y

from $233.21

235/45R17 97Y

from $144.97

235/45R18 98Y

from $174.31

245/35R19 93Y

from $236.30

245/40R18 97Y

from $185.99

245/40R19 98Y

from $222.97

245/45R17 99Y

from $186.74

245/45R18 100Y

from $177.97

255/30R21 93Y

from $273.97

255/35R18 94Y

from $188.98

255/35R19 96Y

from $228.96

275/30R19 96Y

from $261.16

285/25R20 93Y

from $353.99

295/25R20 95Y

from $283.96

305/25R20 97Y

from $265.97

305/30R21 104Y

from $451.11

305/30R22 105Y

from $483.86

315/25R22 101Y

from $429.96

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Pirelli P Zero Nero GT Tire Review

Pirelli P Zero Nero GT introduces the latest technological developments to enhance product performance and tread life. Like all summer tires, it is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice. Featuring a new compound, the P Zero Nero GT has a balanced content of silica in order to enhance wear resistance without compromising the sportive feeling of the product in both dry and wet conditions. The compound is molded into a subtle asymmetric, wide rib tread design to increase the rigidity of the tread to resist deformation and enhance grip and steering response on a variety of road surfaces while enhancing resistance to irregular wear and generating low noise levels. Optimized in their position and width, the tire's circumferential grooves are designed to maximize dry road performance while enhancing hydroplaning resistance. Featuring a high-technology casing profile, the tire's internal structure includes rayon body plies and twin steel belts reinforced by zero degree nylon that evenly distribute footprint pressure and resist deformation to promote high-speed durability.res consistency in the application of the additional sidewall reinforcements that provide the self-supporting run-flat capability.

Pirelli P Zero Nero GT Tire Fitment

Vehicles that can be fit with Pirelli P Zero Nero GT tires based on available Pirelli P Zero Nero GT tire sizes.

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