Toyo Celsius Tires

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Toyo Celsius tire is available in 48 sizes priced from $89.99.

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Simple Tire from $89.99
Available Tire Sizes

185/60R15 84T

from $89.99

185/60R16 86H

from $128.99

185/65R15 88H

from $98.99

195/60R15 88H

from $98.99

195/65R15 91H

from $98.99

205/45R17 88V

from $143.99

205/50R17 93V

from $151.99

205/55R16 91H

from $124.99

205/60R16 92H

from $127.99

205/65R15 94H

from $112.99

205/65R16 95H

from $122.99

205/70R15 96T

from $118.99

205/75R15 97S

from $119.99

215/45R17 91V

from $168.99

215/50R17 91H

from $162.99

215/55R16 97H

from $147.99

215/55R17 98V

from $135.99

215/60R16 95H

from $129.99

215/60R17 96H

from $165.99

215/65R16 98T

from $126.99

215/70R15 98T

from $115.99

225/40R18 92V

from $172.99

225/45R17 94V

from $157.99

225/45R18 95V

from $169.99

225/50R17 98V

from $154.99

225/50R18 95V

from $173.99

225/55R17 101V

from $142.99

225/60R16 98H

from $133.99

225/60R17 99H

from $160.99

225/60R18 100H

from $247.99

225/70R15 100T

from $121.99

235/40R18 95V

from $177.99

235/45R18 98V

from $181.99

235/50R18 101V

from $184.99

235/55R17 103V

from $137.99

235/60R16 100T

from $141.99

235/65R16 103T

from $131.99

235/75R15 105S

from $133.99

245/40R18 97V

from $197.99

245/40R19 98V

from $250.99

245/40R20 99V

from $287.99

245/45R17 99V

from $180.99

245/45R18 100V

from $194.00

245/45R19 102V

from $245.99

245/45R20 103V

from $291.99

245/50R19 105V

from $240.99

245/55R18 103W

from $204.99

255/35R19 96V

from $275.99

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Toyo Celsius Tire Review

Toyo Celsius offers year-round versatility plus winter-weather safety in one. This all-weather tire offers better ice and snow traction than a typical all-season tire and longer tread life than a winter tire. Celsius stops up to 14 feet shorter on snow and eight feet shorter on ice than a typical all-season tire plus it's backed by a 60,000-mile warranty. Variable sipe density - inside tread with higher sipe density for excellent traction on ice and snow, outside tread with lower sipe density for traction on wet and dry roads. Snow claws improves deep snow traction, increases block rigidity for better ice and wet traction. Slush grooves increases traction by evacuating slush and snow. Multi-wave sipes minimizes irregular wear for a smooth, quiet ride, improves braking on icy, wet, and dry roads.

Toyo Celsius Tire Fitment

Vehicles that can be fit with Toyo Celsius tires based on available Toyo Celsius tire sizes.

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